Founded and established over 20 years ago, we began our journey as an apparel designing and sourcing company covering a range of knitwear and woven clothing items primarily for importers, retailers and private labels in the European and North American markets. With an eye on establishing a full-service in-house designing and product development team capable of collaborating on retailer-specific fashion collections for global apparel brands, we gradually transitioned into ready-made-garments manufacturing after the initial years.

Through our own knitwear manufacturing factories, we have been building on our designing and production capabilities aimed at servicing brands and retailers at all price levels, and in different product segments. We continuously strive to empower designers and brands to be able to focus on creating the highest quality and versatile clothing collections, by offering a comprehensive private-label product development ecosystem. The creation and ideation stages for each fashion collection we are able to collaborate on permeates our creative spirit and excites us for what is yet to come.

Our core product categories include sweaters, cardigans, vests, tricots, ponchos, t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts, tank-tops, pajamas, etc., using a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers across intricate styling and knitting patterns. Driven by a desire to create beautiful knitwear that take into consideration functionality and aesthetics alike, we have developed a core expertise in incorporating detailed workmanship techniques, special washing finishes, embellishments, and prints into the end products we manufacture.

We are strengthened by a comprehensive supply-chain and support infrastructure consisting of garments packaging solutions, logistics, customs clearance, and freight forwarding services through our affiliate companies. Building a world-class knitwear company that allows for safe, clean and family-friendly working environments form the cornerstone of the key principles that guide our everyday decision-making processes. Ensuring occupational health and safety, assimilating eco-friendly manufacturing practices, and creating sustainable growth opportunities for our employees are amongst the commitments we make to the communities in which we live and work.




Our company values are a reflection of the way we envision ourselves and our identities within our workspaces and the communities of which we are a part of. Meant to serve as an inherent guiding light as well as to shape the workplace mentality of our working family, our values then become an extension of who we are as individuals as well as the company
we represent.

Our values speak to us as to what we stand for and how we go about our interactions and dealings within ourselves as well as with our external stakeholders and partners. Our values aren’t static, as we consider our efforts in painting an accurate reflection of what our company stands for as a work-in-progress with respect to the changing dynamics of workplace culture.

Amongst our foremost values are the need to respect the individual, to view product engineering as our lifeblood, to continuously apply original thinking to the way we harness our creative spirit, pledging our commitment to each other and to our communities, promoting sustainable choices as part of our everyday work and to practice win-win partnerships with our trade partners and suppliers.

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