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As part of our initiative to grow into a more socially responsible corporate citizen, we have continually strived to create a culture where the utmost importance is placed on social compliance issues and our social commitment as a whole. We constantly engage in several initiatives which we feel will allow us to become a more active participant in the process of contributing to increased social welfare on various levels.

     We start with the very basic amenities necessary to make our employees and work force feel they are part of a safe and secure working environment. At our factory premises, we encourage our employees to take advantage of the full-time medical attention practices we have put in place. A full-time doctor and a trained mid-wife are available at all times for our employees. We are also enlisted with “Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital, Dhaka” as part of an initiative to make health care services accessible to the family members of our employee workforce.

     We encourage our employees to constantly engage in creating various financial and non-financial associations through which they are able to exercise a more proactive way of life. For instance, our female workers in the “Trimming and Mending” section at Sonia & Sweaters Limited put together a collective process through which a mechanism was devised to allow their husbands to be able to borrow money under certain specified stipulations.

     Our employees are also encouraged to involve their relatives and neighbors in the working mechanism of the Sonia Group family. A systematic scheme has been established through which most of our employees-in-training are gradually absorbed into our full-time employees group as they transition from apprenticeship to full-time skilled employees.

     We also take great pride in supporting our working communities in times of affliction and distress. We make it our highest priority to reach out to different areas within our communities affected by any natural calamities through providing monetary support as well as providing basic clothing amenities such as sweaters to different regions in the northern districts of our country every year.


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